Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Where the time goes.

It has to be said that I don't have much time for this blog lark.  Or rather I do...but it's been channelled elsewhere for a little while.  Yes, I have been playing away. My blog must complete with another floozy in blogland.  And to add insult to injury, it doesn't even concern the living at the moment.

Still, that's nothing compared to the kiddy fending and general life stuff that vies for my time in an increasingly inventive number of ways.  Some of it is completely understandable and to be expected.  I can deal with that, but I just can't deal calmly with the stuff that just should never be a problem.  Most exasperating of all is my music supply - my fabulous but untrustworthy Logitech Boombox which currently refuses to:

The wired wireless © Trout Mask
a) play music off the network
b) recognise the equally tardy wonder of iplayer
c) scrobble (it's a thing)

I've managed to get round points a & b with the use of a line in (which pokes out of the front of my laptop, so is seriously in the way and so NOT the idea of having the box in the first place I could weep) but still, it has been forced to comply to some degree and this makes me vengefully happy.  A more permanent solution will have to wait.

Honourable time wasting mentions must also go to (insert drumroll here):

Yahoo! Customer Support, who did not support at all, leaving me to implement my own flickr untangle solution instead (an unwelcome side effect of the joys of creating multiple accounts) and then sending me a customer satisfaction survey request to extend my misery;


To the utter twat from an energy grant company who interrupted my work and began his call by introducing himself, denying that he was the purveyor of a marketing call and then asking if I was the owner of the household.  He failed to get the hint when I said I wasn't going to tell him and blindly pressed on with the call on the frustratingly arrogant assumption that I was the owner anyway and (I guess, seeing as he felt he could freely assume things about me) would love to invest in his crackpot scheme.  For pities ...brrrrrrrrr.