Tuesday, 2 August 2011

This is not a mum blog.

So what the what the heck is this going to be then?  I mean, how do I begin introducing stuff that I write and also give it a title that isn't cutesy, cliched or just downright pretentious?  The truth is I can't...so i'm just going to get stuck in and tell you stuff.  If you like it, that's good.  Maybe you'll begin to tell me stuff too.  Nice stuff I hope - but I know I've got to take the crunchie with the smoothie.

In order to prove my tagline somewhat misleading from the off, today there will be only small adventures.  Actually, most of then will be geographically pretty titchy to be honest.  We've already been to my allotment (which you'll come to realise is often my only destination other than the school gate).   The adventure I crave today - popping a whole four miles into Leicester to see Jason Ringenberg at the Musician Pub is off limits.  Yep, silly old me - I had kids.  This means that my partner and I have to leave the house separately or with the two random factors.

Of course, I could go with a friend, but my friend finds herself in exactly the same position and asking my partner to stay in with four kids after their bedtimes is far from practical.  I could ask my parents, but this is really an ask too much as they have done some kiddy duty in recent memory.  My partner has parents....but it's down to him to ask and he's not.  Sibling help...erm, nope.  Asking a friend?  Not good unless I can repay the favour and they seem content to stay in (more than one friend has said she'd prefer not to go out alone with her supposed beloved.  I suspect they think that I might unduly influence or even eat their children).  Paying a babysitter?  Out of the question on top of an evening out, even if I could get my head around the thorny question of how much is the right amount to pay them.  Probably especially out of the question if I got my head around what is considered reasonable to pay them...

Jason Ringenberg © 2010 Trout Mask

So I will stay in and not see a man who has found a way to travel from Nashville to Leicester to sing some songs - a distance that even google maps cannot calculate, as I am unable to be four miles away from my children.

Up for a race after the gig.
© 2010 Trout Mask
The thing is though - if it wasn't for my kids I simply wouldn't be thinking about going out.  In fact, when we first saw Jason Ringenberg it was due to a friendship reforged around the kids and they were there in the front row of the Jason and The Scorchers gig at the Summer Sundae.  Jason has even run a race with my youngest, Mr R, and he is Mr R's second favourite pop star.  Mr Z still has the ear plugs that his bandmate Warner Hodges gave him to protect his delicate shell likes.  So we will bide our time...this is not an issue.

Everything is just PEACHY.